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Book Review – Home Quarantined By Shraddha Rane

"Reading on a moving train seemed more beautiful than inside the four walls."

Book - Home Quarantined
Author - Shraddha Rane (
Format - kindle
Pages - 56

My Review:

~ This book is such an inspiration for me in this tiring times. In this book, author has narrated her experiences from her Quarantine journal.

~ The book is divided into two parts. In first part, she has narrated how she was spending time during Lockdown and in the second part she has described how she managed to keep her sane and inspired after she experienced the real Corona virus attack.

~ When I was reading this book, I could relate myself with author because I also have gone through similar situation in this Lockdown.

~ Author has nicely narrated her story. All the descriptions of her feelings, things and places are just Amazing.

~The cover and title of the book are apt for the theme of the book.

~ While reading this book, I have realized that writing down your thoughts are so much important. For the person, like me, who is sometimes unable to express her feelings to people around her, it is essential to pen down her thoughts so that thoughts do not get accumulated in the mind and they get a concrete form.

~ I have never thought that I would read a book on corona warriors. Thanks to author like who wrote this amazing book and told her story to the world.

~ I would recommend this book to all so that you will come to know the wonderful story about people who are suffering from Covid-19.

My Rating - 5/5 

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  1. Mansi Malandkar

    This book is inspiration and hope in current pandemic. As a health worker I know that what situation family member goes through if one of the family member comes corona positive. You has given really a good hope to the reader and treat in current lockdown.

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